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  • The real price of using microwave to save time

      The price of saved time I live in the world of technologies I am happy that I do. I greatly appreciate having a computer, a dishwasher, a telephone and 10 other gadgets which help me...

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  • Big little things

    A few months ago a girl from the well-known charity organization approached me in a supermarket and asked me to become their regular sponsor by giving to their organization 5 euros a month. After a hesitation,...

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  • Make a Michelin star steak

    How to make a perfect steak? I’ve learned these secrets from Michelin star chef Thomas Muller, who’s workshop I had luck to attend. I thing everyone should know these rules and apply them when preparing beef,...

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  • Sandra: Sugar is not guilty. It’s us.

    The world still does not have a united opinion about sugar. A lot of research is done for and against, but there are two undeniable facts: – Sugar does cause addiction – Large amounts of sugar...

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