Big little things

A few months ago a girl from the well-known charity organization approached me in a supermarket and asked me to become their regular sponsor by giving to their organization 5 euros a month. After a hesitation, I made a direct debit agreement. And, honestly, I forgot about it.


We kept on living as usual – buying groceries, certain things, sometimes we went to cafes, went on holiday. Recently I’ve reviewed my bank accounts and I’ve realized that I was paying 5 euros a month to that charity. And I did not even notice! I did not feel it! There was no change in my spending habits; we did not have to give up on anything. Everything was the same as before.


And I understood the simple thing … To me, those 5 euros did not change anything, it did not matter. And to somebody, it may have become vital, changed the everyday life, maybe even life. The organization, with the help of constant sponsors, can do much more – it can plan ahead, better carry out its mission, hire specialists, do researches, buy provisions and other. It does not matter who you decide to help – choose the one whose problems looks biggest to you – children, homeless, kitten or environmental protection.


Do this simple thing – set up an automatic debit of 3, 5 or 10 euros, pounds or dollars for the charity organization of your choice for 3 months. If you will notice every month the lack of the 5 euros, pounds or dollars – cancel direct debit and forget about it. But if you do not, you will know that you are changing the world without any effort. Every month, easily and quietly.


Do not wait until Christmas, the best day for a change is TODAY.

Love, Kristina

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