Small women’s revolutions

Do you hate your strict diet, cannot beat your sugar cravings or you still can’t start eating healthy? I would like to welcome everyone on the journey towards a healthier life!

I will tell you about my journey.


I think that 80 percent of changes at home is made by women! They initiate purchases, redecoration, and divorces, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

You know, my way to a healthier life was not easy: I had trouble to get rid of the sugar addiction, read and understand product labels, many times my dinner ended up in the trash bin. It seemed to me that I was the only one in my family, who wanted a healthier life.

I live in Norway, little town, and there are very few who promote healthy lifestyles here. Everyone around me lives on processed foods and sweetened soft drinks. I was alone.


But I did not give up. Since I was used to diets before every beach season, suffering for food was not new to me. The family ate potatoes, and I did not, they ate candies, but I did not.

One season I lost 6 kg by simply excluding all the unhealthy products from my diet. This inspired me to move forward.

I made my own mayonnaise and ketchup because I couldn’t live without them. I replaced potatoes with rice because, but I did not like them. The family still were eating potatoes, and I, still not very happy, meat with salad. The weight was stable, but I was even more unhappy. I realized that I lacked knowledge!

I asked the nutritionist for the help – this is how tapioca, brown rice noodles, and healthier sweeteners came into my world. And only when I felt happy on this road to a healthier life, I began to cook with love, and the food was finally delicious!

The family began to taste the food on my plate, asked why some products are better than others. The friends and coworkers noticed changes in my appearance and health. They asked me what do I do?

It took a year for my family to admit that my homemade ketchup was better than from the store, almond flour pancakes were perfect, even more, time to accept all of my day menu! Even my teenage daughter began to love healthy food!

I still keep finding Snickers’ wrappings in the trash bin time to time, and we still occasionally have pizza from a fast food restaurant. But now I can say that I am the woman who has brought a revolution to my home! 

Dear women, let’s start exchanging. Our small steps can change the whole world around us!

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