The real price of using microwave to save time


The price of saved time

I live in the world of technologies I am happy that I do. I greatly appreciate having a computer, a dishwasher, a telephone and 10 other gadgets which help me to save time. I subscribe a few newsletters from manufacturers and I can see how hard they work improving technologies and our lives. Using gadgets I really save lots of time, but I never asked myself how do they work.

Recently, when I was heating my milk in a microwave a question crossed my mind: who is the genius who came up with this amazing idea to heat up food in seconds and how this actually works. 

It took me half an hour to find out all pros and cons and I realized, that if everybody would know about the harm, nobody would buy it. Swiss scientists were even under the threat for carrying their investigation but in court defended their view and they received compensation.

So, I was standing with a cold glass of milk. I was afraid to heat it, but I also didn’t want to drink it cold. It takes so long to heat it on the stove. That time I didn’t drink milk at all. So, what‘s the real price of our saved time?

After heating food in a microwave, the appearance stays the same, but if you take the food under the microscope, you will see that the cells look like after a tornado. Because of changing electromagnetic waves, food molecules twist around million times per second and this way they warm up. During this process, molecules are broken down by a huge force and this way it produces new molecules which are unknown to the body and can be poisonous.

Food, heated in the microwave, changes its molecular structure and destroys molecular value as well as vitamins and minerals. Scientists of California (Stanford  University  School of  Medicine) have discovered that when heating mother‘s milk in a microwave, the amount of Colli bacteria increased 18 times, and percentage of immunoglobulin (A antibodies) decreased 96 times.

But World Ministry of Health doesn’t call the alarm bells. Many investigations have been rejected because of too little number of participants, but many findings of investigation claim that structure of food heated in microwave changes, and this food is unfavorable to human health.

The world will not change and we still be using our kitchen gadgets, but I believe that most of us will consider if it is worth using a microwave only because it is faster

So, I would better warm up the milk by adding a bit of hot water.


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