Healthy gingerbread cookies

Healthy gingerbread cookies? Yes, you can still enjoy one of the main iconic Christmas dessert and stay on a healthy diet. Healthy gingerbread cookies are great as a dessert, decoration of a gift. Your house will be filled with an amazing smell of Christmas and joy! These healthy gingerbread cookies are gluten free, refined sugar free, egg free, suitable for vegans. You will need just 3 main ingredients and spices. And it so much fun to make them!

Love, Kristina

Healthy gingerbread cookies gluten free, egg free, vegan

Healthy gingerbread cookies gluten free, egg free, vegan

Please pay attention, that we don’t use honey for this healthy gingerbread cookies recipe. Heating up honey above 46ºC not only will destroy all good properties of honey. Scientific researches have shown, that honey becomes poisonous. Read more here.

You can use maple, date syrup or grape molasses instead of honey. I prefer to use date syrup because it is cheaper than maple and gives nice caramel aftertaste. These healthy gingerbread cookies are medium sweet, so if you like very sweet cookies, add some dry sweetener – xylitol, coconut sugar or stevia. Do not add more syrup, as it will make your dough too sticky and you will have to add more flour anyway.

You can decorates these healthy gingerbread cookies in a traditional way, but, honestly, in my family they never survive to decoration. 😊

Healthy gingerbread cookies gluten free, egg free, vegan




200 g oat flour

70 g maple, date syrup or grape molasses

60 g coconut oil

A pinch of salt

Spices: 2 ts cinnamon , 1 ts ginger 1 ts cardamon, ½ ts ground cloves, ½ ts ground allspice , 1 ts nutmeg, a pinch of ground black pepper. You can also use gingerbread mix instead.




Mix  flour and spices in the bowl. Melt coconut oil. Add oil and syrup to the bowl and mix well. Silicon spatula works the best. Put to the fridge to chill for about half and hour.

Take the dough from the fridge. Try to knead it between hands – if it is too sticky – add little more flour, if it is too dry – add 1 tbs of syrup.

Roll out dough to 0,5 cm thickness on a parchment paper or silicone matt. Do not roll it out on a kitchen table surface as it will be hard to move it to the baking tray. Cut into gingerbread shapes.

This gluten free dough is a little more difficult to roll out than the regular one, but not to worry – when baked, these healthy gingerbread cookies will be firm enough to be a great decoration or a gift and crunchy when eating.

Place to 180º preheated oven and bake around 12 minutes.


Healthy gingerbread cookies

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