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If you came here, probably you have this feeling inside that something is wrong with our diet, food quality, environment and the (un) healthy lifestyle. We know surprisingly little about ourselves – what food is good for us, what vitamins and minerals do we need to stay healthy, what products are poisonous to us.

We say – heath is our biggest wealth. But if so, why we are so unfriendly to our bodies and put it to a constant stress by eating fast processed foods, glyphosate, pesticides and hormones contaminated products which leads us to auto immune and chronic diseases? Why are we looking for new trendy diets in order to lose weight before holidays on the beach instead of staying fit and healthy all the time?

I think answer is: because we don’t know how! I We follow the latest celebrity gossips but don’t understand the most important things in our life – how does our bodies work?

Jolie Lilly wants take it’s part to make a change. We look for, analyze, research and give you most necessary information about processes in our bodies and it’s needs: how things work, what food makes good for us, what to avoid, how to stay healthy, how to avoid or maybe even heal chronic diseases, how to live in harmony with our environment and be happy!

We offer you KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING. It is up to you to choose your lifestyle – keep on to your old lifestyle or make a change. Our mission is to make sure you KNOW and then you can choose with full responsibility.

Jolie Lilly believes, that knowledge sets us free and gives us power to take our life in our hands, be responsible for ourselves and our kids. If you know how things work, you can no longer be fooled by the food industry, trendy diets or advertisements.

We created this blog for everyone, who is ready for a change or at least curious how his life could change with trying to be healthy and green. Here you will find a community of curious and open minded people who try to be friendly to our bodies, other people and the environment.

We share our experience and ideas. Here we change everyday and try to show a difference to other people.

Here we cook, improve health, lose weight, do researches on various topics, ask specialists’ opinion and wait for your stories you have to share!

Welcome to Jolie Lilly – your friendly community on your way to a healthier, greener life!


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Love, Kristina and Sandra


healthy lifestyle blog creators


Sandra Krusne

Sandra Krusne

My name is Sandra and I am very pleased to meet you! If you are here, means that you are looking for something new and and have questions about healthy lifestyle. Sometimes it seems that everything in this world is already discovered and created, but I believe there is always a possibility to make things even better. 5 years ago I began to gather information about healthier and greener way of life. Today I am ready to share it with you, answer your questions and learn from you as well.


Kristina Bondar


Welcome to Jolie Lilly, my name is Kristina. I know how easy it is to get lost in the jungle of information about healthy lifestyle and I am ready to help. We went so far from our roots and natural Earth’s ecology, that every step taken back is important and make a difference. I am here for you – to teach and to learn, to look for interesting and important information and make small steps to huge changes.


“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”

Kevin Trudeau



“Nothing looks that good as healthy feels.”



“Get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy.”

Eric Berg



“You are what you eat: every 35 daysyour skin replaces itself and your body makes new cells from the food you eat. What you eat literally becomes YOU.”


our values

Knowledge and advice

We share the newest information and independent researches about healthy lifestyle we believe everyone must know. We ask doctors, nutritionists and other specialists for opinion or explanation, share the experience and concerns we have. We listen to each other and don’t judge. We advise. Jolie Lilly is friendly community on the way to better healthier life. Everyone is welcome here.

Responsible shopping

We don’t support wasting, using cheap materials and low quality goods. We support small manufacturers and their creations “with soul”. We understand that by choosing cheap mass production we also support pollution, toxic waste, low quality and short time of use products, stealing the designs, not fairly paid workers from China of third world countries, children labor.

Shopping local

We understand that behind every product there’s a story how it has been made. By buying from small business we support its owner and his family, help him to pay his mortgage and children’s’ music lessons. Just small business can offer you variety of quality handmade products, made with love. Shopping local creates the community feeling.               .


Healthy eating

We believe that being healthy depends on us. Thinking about food we eat, understanding our diet, what products do we choose, and going organic is the key to our well being. We don’t try just to lose weight, but to get healthy which leads to it. GMO, pesticides, glyphosate, processed foods have bad impact on our health. We choose products responsibly; know what foods are beneficial and what are dangerous.

Environment friendly

We care about our environment, nature and planet Earth. We understand that our actions today will have huge impact on our lives and our children’s’ lives. Every little action does matter and we can change the situation starting from ourselves: using less unnecessary things, not wasting food, recycling, supporting green companies, choosing quality products that will last longer and made without toxic waste.

Sharing is caring

We research products and services and tell you about the ones, that are great and correspond our believes. We share other bloggers’ discoveries and ideas, because we believe, that on our way to better happier, greener life we must stand side to side and hold on to each other. We are waiting for your ideas, knowledge and experience you have to share with the world as well.